Curious about my work? Here’s a list of some of my publications, partnerships, and client projects. Some pieces carry my byline; others were ghostwritten. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Contact me for more samples or info.

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B2B Marketing Content

MotionPoint, a global website translation company, is in the process of shifting its content marketing. While some details of this work—such as email campaigns—are proprietary, many of the articles, infographics, landing pages and social media posts I’ve ghostwritten and/or edited are publicly available. Here are examples.

Social Media Tulsa (SMTulsa) is a local/regional organization that brings small businesses, nonprofits, and individuals together to share social media best practices. I have participated in with the group since 2013, writing the press release for their annual conference, managing their Facebook account during the conference, and writing photo captions.

B2B Websites

These are samples of clients who focus on serving the needs of fellow business owners. One is a packaging company that works with small, medium, and large-sized businesses to create specialized product packaging. The other is a marketing agency specializing in StoryBrand.

B2C Websites

I’ve worked with multiple consumer-facing, small-to-midsized companies to write or reinvent their web presence to improve lead-generation and inbound marketing. Here are examples.

B2C Lead Generating PDFs/ebooks/emails

Many of the lead-generating pieces I’ve done are email campaigns. I’m happy to discuss any of those projects in person or on the phone if you’re looking for more details. This short ebook is a sample of the lead-generating writing I do.


With a Master’s degree in teaching and several years of experience as a college freshman writing instructor, I have a strong passion for writing that ties into the educational field.

Automotive — Aftermarket Car Care

Many of the businesses I’ve written for or about are in the automotive aftermarket care industry — meaning they take care of your car/truck after you buy it. It’s been educational learning about these businesses, as well as how to care for cars properly. Some of the work here is also about running a successful business in general.

Lifestyle & Entertainment

I’ve written multiple articles for local magazines that focus on lifestyle and entertainment. What’s below are only a few examples. I also write for science-fiction websites and magazines, since I love sci-fi. The link to Recursor here showcases more than my writing. I also run the editorial calendar, edit other writers, and help select and post videos to the site.


One of my specialties is interviewing personalities—celebrities, business owners, well-known community members, artists, etc.—and bringing out what makes them unique in the profile I write. Here are a few of my favorites so far.


I enjoy giving back to the community and making the world a better place one person at a time. I’ve done quite a bit of charity donor communications—fundraising letters, email campaigns, live blogging charitable events, partner updates, high-donor brochures, and more. Contact me for more details and samples.

Ghostwriting & Book Editing

I’ve included my role below on the books listed here.

  • Freedom to Endure, Rhonda Kulczyk — editor
  • A Harvest of Aliens, John Wilson Berry — editor
  • Experience the Power of Art, Richard Bohm — ghostwriter/editor
  • Peace in a Troubled World, Richard Roberts — ghostwriter
  • Unstoppable Increase, Richard Roberts — ghostwriter
  • Let’s Go Fishing, Marcus Whitman — editor
  • Called of God, Kenneth W. Hagin — ghostwriter
  • Overflow, Kenneth W. Hagin — ghostwriter
  • Read, Pray & Obey, Lindsay Roberts — editor
  • I AM God, Vince Anderson — editor
  • Sacred Intimacy, Isaac and Wendy Schaeffer — editor
  • Sip and Nibble, Jenniffer Welliver — editorial consultant

Corporate Brainstorming & Product Iteration

For several years, as opportunities have arisen, I have worked as part of a think tank for various ProdigyWorks consulting projects. Past clients have included a variety of Fortune 500 companies. Some of the projects I’ve participated in include:

  • Naming a new upscale coffee drink to be sold in places like Whole Foods
  • Imagining new hairstyling products to expand the offerings of a popular, affordable hairstyling product manufacturer
  • Ideating new candy options to fit with a product line sold largely on end-caps and on the racks next to the cashier line
  • Creating concepts for new breakfast items that would appeal to people who want something healthy but also want something easy to enjoy on the go


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