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Your message matters to you. It matters to the people you’re trying to reach — your customers, clients, and fans. You can’t afford to let your website, emails, fundraising letters or books get lost in the shuffle.

A professional, experienced, results-driven writer and editor can make it easy for you to get the words you want onto the page. And it can be done quickly and effectively, so you’re free to focus on the business and community building you care about.

I help businesses, nonprofits, and individual authors develop heart-filled, attention-grabbing messages that stand out in a crowded market. I make sure every word says what you want it to say. You get compelling content that moves people to action and drives results. And because of it, you can pursue success with your business, your books, your speaking engagements — the things you love most and do best.

I create value-added web content that builds relationships, increases web traffic, and drives sales. Past and present clients include Fortune 500 business consultants, web designers, educators, B2B services, construction and restoration companies, automotive businesses, trade magazines, and others. See my portfolio to learn more.

I have over 13 years of experience in direct mail, fundraising, and assisting nonprofit organizations connect with their donors through web, print, social media, and radio/video.

As a freelance journalist, I share stories in a moving, memorable way for charities, celebrities, authors, filmmakers, restaurants and businesses. When your story needs to be told, I can help.

Whether it’s with Prodigy Works (a Fortune 500-focused think tank) or individual consulting, I can help you come up with new ideas and creative ways to make the most of your business.

Ready to talk? Contact me anytime. I look forward to chatting with you and learning how I can help your message shine.

Michele is an amazing writer and it was a pleasure working with her on my client projects. She thought out of the box and always hit the mark on my client's needs. I look forward to work

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